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Welcome to JOAT-London. If you’re considering made-to-measure furniture for your home or office, you’ve arrived at the right place. JOAT-London is a full service furniture company bringing you stylish, attractive and aesthetically beautiful built-in furniture in London. We are specialized in handcrafted wooden furniture and home decors. With something to suit for everyone’s taste and budget, we make it a point to bring you a range of quality and bespoke furniture at affordable rates. Living up to your décor needs with elegant, practical and affordable furniture, we strive to add value to your living spaces. Creating appealing interiors, we guarantee you a beautiful embodiment of aspirations & values.



We take pride in having a team of trained professionals who have the necessary skills and resources to fulfill your décor needs. Handcrafted locally and fitted by our team of experts, our furniture has delighted hundreds of customers across the UK. We tend to transform home that compliment your lifestyle. From built-in bedroom furniture London to luxurious sofa sets, wooden coffee tables, dining sets to under stairs cupboard– there is something for every room.


Mind it, a piece of JOAT-London furniture is a work of extraordinary craftsmanship to begin with. From solutions, custom designed by our team of designers, we are delighted to present our range of product choices, our design suggestions and customer testimonials.

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