Bespoke Office Furniture

Don’t perch at a flat-pack computer desk in the corner of a room any more


Working from home is a growth area and properly fitted home offices have become very desirable.  We create home office furniture that will make you want to get into work early every morning.

Working from home for your own business or as a remote employee, you can avoid spending time and money travelling to and from work. You’ll also avoid getting caught up in strikes, accidents and bad weather.

Perhaps most importantly, many find a home office helps to improve their work/life balance. Being at home the instant you finish work can have great benefits for family life.

One of the problems with working from home can be a difficulty in separating work from home life. This is where a well-designed home office comes into its own.

If you have a separate room it can be straightforward to create a great fitted home office. Alternatively, a corner of your living or dining room can easily be transformed into a fitted study area that you’ll want to use, and that actually enhances the look of the room.

A fitted office or home study usually has a desktop for your laptop or PC, office wall units for files and a printer and drawers for filing. You can also make use of the large cavity under the stairs with one of our clever understairs products.

We can supply a beautiful desk in a painted, laminated or natural wood finish. Many of our customers choose a stylish wooden desktop, with the rest of the fitted office furniture painted.

As we custom make every home office to your personal and individual needs, you have complete freedom of choice and maximum work efficiency.

Your choice of wood also adds to the effect – oak, beech, walnut, sapele, maple, cherry and other woods each have their individual identity and add character to the final result.

If you opt for a natural wood desktop, the surface can be French Polished or finished in specialist oils (a satin finish).

We would be very happy to discuss your requirements and to show you the advantages of a fitted home office.

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