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Picture the area under the stairs in your home. What do you keep under there? And how tidy and accessible is the space? Because it’s such an awkward shape to organise and reach into, most under stairs areas are a mess. But we have the answer.

Made-to-measure under stairs storage is a practical and tidy way of making the most of this ‘dead’ space.

The most straightforward option includes fitting under stairs storage solutions such as understairs shoe racks, coat rails, wine racks, CD/DVD racks or toy storage. Or we could simply fit understairs shelving then install doors to enclose the space.

A very popular alternative we offer is to build large, pull-out understair drawers with built-in shelves, which are accessible from both sides.

This solution works well for a number of reasons: you don’t need a separate door to enclose the space as the drawers fit flush when they’re closed; and you don’t have to reach in to get to the backs of shelves because the shelves pull out to meet you. This elegant staircase storage idea works particularly well for narrower hallways.

If space allows, we can even build you an understairs office unit. We can build in understairs shelves, cupboards and a desk. These can be pleasant and practical places to work. They’re set aside from the normal run of the house but still open to air and light, and conveniently located without taking over part or all of a room.

Take a look at the galleries of under stairs storage systems we have already built for London customers. As you can see, there’s a lot of potential to create different solutions depending on what you need to store. A large staircase can contain vast amounts of storage space, and our custom racks, shelves and cupboards make sure it’s easy to keep organised.

As with all our products, we offer natural oiled wood or painted finishes. The outside of under stairs storage units can be modern or traditional, and we’ll design doors and drawers to blend with the existing original features of your home.

To find out more about our designs for efficient and attractive under stairs cupboards, drawers or offices for your home, please get in touch.

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